Parenting Workshops

  • Analyze power struggles and diffuse them.

  • Rechannel sibling rivalry.

  • Gain cooperation from your children.

  • Effective routines to simplify bed time and mornings.

  • Increased harmony in your home.

  • Eliminate temper tantrums, eating issues, sleeping problems and more!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What makes this parenting workshop different?

    A: By showing parents how to analyze and use their children's drives for attention and security, we enable parents to develop their own unique parenting techniques for their dynamic family.

    Q: How many workshops will I need to learn this method?

    A: All you need to know will be presented in the first workshop. Follow-up workshops are for those who wish to continue the discussion with our experienced instructor.

    Q: How long before I see results in my home?

    A: As you put your new skiils to work you will start seeing an immediate difference. With patience, practice and consistency, the benefits will continue to grow!