Chapter 22: Arguing/Discussing/Compromising With Your Teen

This chapter begins with the statement: YOU WILL NEVER WIN Any argument with any teen. So don’t try.

This opens up to an interesting comparison between an argument and a discussion and how to make sure you do not slide into the more intense form of communication called an argument. Rules of engagement are crucial here, there is no doubt that you will be tested to see if you hold the line and implement the consequences you have laid down. Discussion and compromise are your goals as your teen is allowed more independence, but never, never at the cost of a parent’s feelings or authority. That a mature child should act in any way that crosses the line of respect for their parents is unthinkable! If a parent is willing to give this up, what are you saying? You would not go into your boss’s office and start yelling at him because you felt something was unfair and most children who have some job experience would also be careful to keep their cool with their boss. It’s not a case of can’t, but a case of can. Teenagers will argue with you because they can, because you allow them to. Don’t allow it. How you do that is what this chapter is about.