Chapter 16: Consequences

A cornerstone chapter presenting a very lively discussion on consequences, as the backbone of parental authority as well as when and how they should be used. The first thing discussed is “Why are we arguing”? Can we turn the situation around especially if we anticipate a difficult moment is coming up? After all you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar! Other positive ideas are given as well as contrasting these methods to the last resort of many parents, the bribe, which is examined in detail because of its very destructive influence to parent authority.

Continuing with details of the most common kinds of consequences and suggestions of when and to which age group they may be most appropriate. Frequent examples are give as well as helpful hints on common situations. Overall, even though it is great to have a cooperative family, the goal of having a relaxed and happy home must also be balanced with helping children become responsible adults and part of the family unit, rather than parents being relegated to being servants. How does one achieve a balance, gain cooperation and have all members happy? The answer to this question runs though out the second section - shaping behavior.