Chapter 1: Foundations

This chapter discusses in detail the concept of Attachment Parenting in a simple yet concrete manner, as understood through the works of Dr. Diane Benoit. Understanding the power and potential problems in communicating with very young children are discussed.

Very young children rely heavily on non-verbal cues and are subject to more potential problems than older children with regards to security and trust issues. For instance, trust can be profoundly effected in a positive manner by simply getting down on eye level with your young child when play with him/her. Another method would be to support the child's efforts in creativity and have a very powerful effect on confidence, by letting your child lead in play, while trying not to correct or "improve" on the child's decisions unless absolutely necessary. One can clearly see how the opposite would be true, if a child was being constantly corrected or improvements were being suggested excessively, it could create a poor level of confidence.

The discussion covers five main points of Attachment Parenting.